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International Migrants Day

18 December 2012 — In 1997, Filipino and Asian migrant organisations began celebrating and promoting the 18th of December as the International Day of Solidarity with Migrants. This date was chosen because it was on 18 December 1990 that the United Nations adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. In 2000 the UN General Assembly designated 18 December of each year as International Migrants Day.

This day is an opportunity to recognise the contributions made by millions of immigrants to the development and well-being of so many countries in the world, to promote respect for the rights of immigrant workers and their families, and to highlight the issues that are of key interest to migrants and their communities (those they live in and those they leave behind).

Immigrants are often perceived as criminals, economic burdens, security threats and even risks to public health. Negative views about immigrants shape government policy and action on immigration around the world, often resulting in limited or no protection for immigrant workers and their families.

Each year, the United Nations invites UN Member States and intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations to observe International Migrants Day through the dissemination of information on the human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants, as well as through the sharing of experiences and the design of actions to ensure their protection.

Sources: United Nations Department of Public Information, Amnesty International, December 18


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