Something we would like to share with you

Water and sanitation are a human right!
Mayors in support of the human right to water and sanitation!

On human rights day (10 December) we released the names of eleven European mayors that support our European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) for implementation of the human right to water and sanitation. They are the mayors of Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Gent, Genoa, Leicester, Moita, Nantes, Naples, Paris and Vienna. The governors of the Sevilla region declared their support to our ECI on the same day.

We are increasing our visibility online, but we realise that online campaigning is not enough to reach millions of people. We have to be visible at workplaces and in public spaces. Therefore we ask YOU to promote our ECI among your colleagues and at other places where people meet. Our Belgian and Italian colleagues provide some good examples of campaigning: In Belgium many workers are collecting signatures at their workplace while people are also being asked to sign up in public swimming pools. In Italy signatures are collected at any meetings that have a connection with ‘democracy’, ‘common goods’ or ‘water’. These meetings vary from a ‘book presentation’ to a ‘political event’ and take place across the country. In Lithuania our ECI was featured in a popular TV show called: “good morning, Lithuania”. In Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic there are now dedicated websites for our campaign in the national language. Our website is now also in Greek and will be available soon in Danish.

We hope that you are all willing and able to promote our ECI, e.g. at “end of year” meetings, Christmas lunches or dinners. After all; Christmas is a time for doing good and our ECI is a means to promote a good cause “water and sanitation for all!” This time of year is a good moment to remind people that many millions of people continue to be deprived of clean, safe and affordable water and sanitation, even in Europe. The European Commission can do something about it, but WE have to put it on their agenda!

We have signature forms available for each country on our website (‘about’ page) and they have our logo and a return address on it. Please print and distribute them in your network as it will remind people to sign. An e-mail is easily forgotten.

Right2water is on facebook and twitter. Like us and follow us!

facebook/right2water and facebook/droitaleau,Twitter: @right2water.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!


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