Democracy is on the march across the world, and our community is at the heart of the struggle, but to win we’re going to need to choose our course wisely… together. Click below to take our annual all-member poll to guide our choices in 2013:

It’s an amazing thing to be able to share ideas with people all across the planet, and even across all language barriers. If you want to see what Avaaz members have voted for so far, take a look at the poll results so far by clicking here:

Last year we ran hundreds of campaigns and played a key role in dozens of victories, including:

Pushing UN member states to vote overwhelmingly for Palestine to become the world’s 194th state!
Lobbying Europe to stop ACTA, the global treaty that would have let corporations censor our internet worldwide
Putting a wrench in Media-Mogul Rupert Murdoch’s march to world domination by lobbying the UK to block the biggest deal of his career
Mounting a major citizen journalism effort to keep the world engaged in Syria and prevent the brutal crackdown from succeeding
Helping change the tragic Taliban shooting of Pakistan’s young education activist, Malala, into a stipend programme putting millions of poor children in school
Campaigning with partners in Brazil to silence the Amazon chainsaws
Fighting back against the Gay Death Penalty Bill in Uganda
Getting the major media to report on deadly Russian arms shipments to the Syrian regime
Getting a major construction company in Bahrain to free almost 100 trapped workers from India
Working with over 20,000 Avaaz members all around the world who launched their own campaigns on the new Community Petition tool, and piloting our new people powered media site — the Avaaz Daily Briefing!

..and much, much more.

With the world undergoing profound change, and our community at almost twice the size it was last January — 17.4 million and growing, imagine what this year’s list could look like. The challenges may be coming fast and strong, but when we stick together, we can transform them into opportunities to build the world we all dream of. Here’s to building dreams in 2013.


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