Lesson No. 2: SEO social indicators

Lesson No. 2: SEO social indicators

Social indicators, such a Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets, can help improve the search engine position for your site. Google and Bing stated that they use these indicators to help them judge the quality of a website and to assist in the measurement of the popularity of a particular article or website.

The more attention that your website attracts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+1, and other social media websites, the more benefit you will gain in your SEO. The very essence from a technical SEO perspective is that sharing helps your search engine rankings – the more you’re shared, the more you’re viewed as popular and relevant by search engines and therefore the more ranking you’ll get. It can also improve branding and reputation while driving traffic directly to the site. It can develop community around your site and it can encourage greater engagement from your visitors and potential leads.

So, a social media campaign can prove beneficial to SEO as well as to social media engagement but what exactly do search engines consider when judging a site’s social media engagement.

How many friends have you got? How many times in the last year have you asked for a “share”, “like”, “retweet”, “follow” or did you ask at all?

Social sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+) encourage users to connect with each other. Search engines then consider how many connections and friends that you have on these sites in order to rank your website. Subscriptions and Follows are a good indication of whether your readers like the content of your website. Many social media platforms track this type of information for its members that produce content and in turn certain search engines have access to certain social media platforms and use this information within their search engine rankings to place your ranking.

Social indicators are used by search engines to calculate amount of authority that your website has and also the authority that you, as an author, have. The theory is that the greater your authority, then the greater your chance of performing well in search engines. Authority is an important factor in search rankings and major part of an SEO campaign is spent increasing the authority of a website.

So the conclusion is: Always ensure that you share great quality content and that your conversation and information are genuine and unique.


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