BE ACTIVE!!! (from Open Society Foundation)

Dear Friends,

Confinement and isolation. Lack of heat and clothing. Malnutrition—and abuse.

Should your taxes contribute to these conditions?

In the European Union, this is exactly what’s happening. Some countries are spending Structural Funds—EU money that is supposed to help regions develop equally—to institutionalize Europeans with disabilities.

Learn more about how funds intended to foster social inclusion are instead violating the rights of people with disabilities—and EU law.

Europeans with disabilities have the right to live full lives within their communities. This means access to individualized care, social services, and the freedom to make choices about their own lives.

Appropriate, effective support for people with disabilities is required under EU law. Click here to find out more, and join the conversation by adding your comments.

Judith Klein
Director, Mental Health Initiative

P.S. If you believe that taxpayer money shouldn’t be used to violate the rights of people with disabilities, please share this message on Facebook and Twitter.


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