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We, together, are developing pathways of peace and tolerance through the magic tool that is FOOTBALL. This year, in strict collaboration with our new partner, the association MNRO, Novi Sad we have prepared the material that we used for the 2013 FARE ACTION WEEKS.

The elementary school Prva Vojvodjanskih Brigada, that we deeply thanks, was involved in the opening. The marvelous pupils offered us all their joy and smiles, as well as their teacher, children, young people and adults were playing together. At the very begging of the opening children were informed about the FARE NETWORK and the FARE Action WEEKS, then we started to play. At the end of the friendly matches children were awarded with the medals made by our friends that attend the daily center managed by the association MNRO. It was very nice.
FOOTBALL MATCHES in Limanski park were unfortunately not organized due to the very bad weather conditions, it seems that, in Serbia, the second half of October is characterized by rainy days, last year was the same, I can remember it, and even the year before.. FARE-logo-black-on-white
Workshops in schools will start after the 25th, probably 28th and 29th.
FOOTBALL MATCHES in the stadium Index, are going to be realized in collaboration with our partner, the Football Club Index, will be organized the 26th, in Noivi Sad, the 20th we will go to Sremska Mitrovica.

AW2013-Signatur_Sticker.indd Ali_Sticker_white_print AW2013-Poster3_RZ3.indd AW2013-Poster-2-Print(1)


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